Phase 2: Turn Phase

  • Pass resources to another player by putting resources on the top level of the tower (if the top level turns, each person gets the resources in front of them)
  • Decide as a group which levels of the tower you want to turn, to give each player the best fighting chance to win the next attack.
  • Then turn the decided levels.

Phase 3: Second Building Phase

Now that the Tower has been turned, new building opportunities has risen.
Resources have been passed to other players.

Phase 4: Attack phase

Everybody can now attack the conquistadors in front of him, using the damage and abilities on the tower.
Only White damage can damage a White conquistador. However abilities don’t look at the color, and can target every conquistador.
But be warned some conquistadors will have special abilities of their ow

Damage icon

Health points conquistador

Phase 5: Resource phase

When gathering resources, you have to look at the resource markers you have on your side of the tower.
Multiply this with the amount of non-occupied regions of this type on the board in front of you.

When there is a conquistador on a region, it is considered occupied.

Resource marker

Resource regions

resources you collect

Phase 6: Move conquistadors

All players receives a position card, this will determine the movement of the conquistadors.

All conquistadors move towards the tower, to the X-spot above there position.

If there is no X-spot above, the conquistador doesn't move.

If a conquistador enters the temple the game is lost.

Phase 7: Spawn conquistadors

Each player spawns two new conquistadors

The new conquistadors are placed on the bottom row marked by the X-spot on the position card.

After this phase, move the round marker to the next round, and start over from phase 1.

If all conquistadors are defeated the game is won.